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The site is mainly designed for the student community and also for research and project work activity. There will be an activity for all those who aspire to gain knowledge and to get prepared for the competative examinations. 

We have selected Geology as the first subject, but we would be taking up other subjects shortly. We expect lively interaction between students and members of the scientific community through blogs, discussions, and seminars. All visitors to the website would be happy to learn that blogs are made available to air their views, express doubts, and seek clarifications.

Art of Right Thinking

Right thinking is an art. One should have great knowledge and should also possess the right way of presenting his ideas, theories or his data to be more meaningful and to be successful in one’s own career. This site will give you an opportunity to generate positive thinking and help you to achieve your goals – and realize your ambitions. Motivation is all the essence which is required for the persons to have right thinking. Once you develop right thinking then there is no turning back and you will be successful throughout your life reaching the ultimate goal of your life.
Consultancy, Research  Projects etc.

Research projects, projects, data entry, thesis and dissertation writing will be taken up on payment basis. The students or research scholars, who are interested in getting training for presentation, interpretation of data, writing dissertation in geology will be taken up. Whoever is interested in posting their research papers published in Journals or Symposia or Proceedings or Abstract volumes may do so in the website
Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Question bank is provided to cater to the needs of PG entrance examination, Public Service Commissions and other competitive examinations. Initially Geology is being started and other subjects will be included in due course of time. The tests can be taken up by registering oneself. One time registration will provide unlimited access to tests with 30 questions and also to the previous years examination papers of all categories of examinations like APPSC, NET, Slet and Civil Services etc. Initially Geology is Uploaded and subsequently other subjects will be added. At the end of each test, score of your performance will be displayed and your answers can be checked.
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